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The New York Family Business Center is a member driven organization. By joining the NYFBC you and members of your family business will receive access to experts in the field and truly be part of a unique community that includes family businesses of all sizes, industry and generational experience.

In keeping with the New York Family Business Center's vision, we have created these eligibility requirements so members are able to communicate freely in exclusive, informal environments with an emphasis on privacy. 


Eligibility is limited to businesses in which the family has meaningful ownership and has two or more family members working in the business.

We are extending our membership to privately owned first generation family businesses who plan on or are considering bringing family members into the business.

Membership Benefits
Key Employees
Family Members

What's Included?

Member Spotlights

Get a write up on your business featured in the CNY Business Journal.

Networking & Events

Get access to monthly mastermind presentations and peer group discussions.

Mentorship & Advisors

Cultivate relationships with experienced business mentors.

Member's Fee
Family Firm Institute
LeMoyne Internship &
Job Placement Services

Membership fees are tiered and determined by company employee count.  We do not ask for documentation. To learn more about membership please contact the Center.

Annually by Employee Count:

  • Under 25 employees - $750

  • Under 50 employees - $1000

  • Under 100 employees- $1500

  • Over 100 employees - $2000

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New York Family Business Center


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Membership dues are based on yearly company revenues:
Ages of Future Generations:

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