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Past Member Spotlights


Tell us about your business and family.
CADimensions was started in 1990 by Pete and Tara DiLaura as a Value Added Reseller for 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software.  As the company grew we became more involved with optional manufacturing software programs and third party products for 3D Design applications.  In 2002 we started to market a line of Stratasys 3D Printers for Prototype and Direct Digital Manufacturing.  Today we have two key divisions of our business that still focus on the same core applications with a wider bandwidth of staff and territory. 

Recently, what is your biggest challenge/success?
Our biggest challenge as a family business is succession planning.  We are in year 5 of a 10 year succession plan and although the plan is becoming more of a living document and we have learned a lot in the process, it is a big challenge for us to stay on top of maintaining the plan and continuing to run the business.
If you were telling somebody about the NYFBC, how would you describe it?
The NYFBC is a fantastic council consortium that allows independent business owners to share their business pains and enhancements in an open forum with other family business owners.  There is also a group of second generation members who are able to discuss and share their issues and benefits with each other on a similar open forum.  The Family Business Center has also been able to provide the stewardship of Le Moyne College with their faculty and staff sponsorship for a more meaningful and dedicated program.

How long have you been a member and how did you hear about the NYFBC?
We have been a member for about 4 years and we heard of it through a direct solicitation from the NYFBC.

What advice do you have for a business considering joining the NYFBC?
Just do it!  The NYFBC has helped us to mature as business owners and realize that we are not alone as we face different concerns and issues that happen within a family business.
What is your favorite program/opportunity for involvement?
The monthly round table sessions have been very helpful to discuss and review different business issues for our company.  It has also helped to get the second generation group involved in understanding how a family business functions and what needs to be considered to maintain the business.

Thank you to Pete and Andrew DiLaura and Linda McHugh for being such active and engaged members of the NYFBC!

Rudy Schmid Total Car Care

Tell us about your business and family.
Rudy Schmid Inc., Total Car Care, was founded in 1930 by my grandfather, Rudy. He established the body shop on the city’s North side and a frame/alignment shop on the west side of town. He passed the business on to our father, Paul, in the late 1950’s. Paul brought both enterprises to Hiawatha Blvd between 1960 and 1971, and that is where we exist today. My brother PJ and I are two of eight children, and were close growing up. Going into the family business together “just made sense.”

PJ worked summers through high school and learned the trade.  I worked part-time while getting an associate’s degree, and came on full time soon after that. I took over administrative and accounting duties. We bought the business from our father in 1992, when Paul retired. We have grown the business in many ways, not just through sales. We have dedicated ourselves to education and training, continuous improvement, improved customer relations and networking. In 2015 we will celebrate 85 years in business and that is something we take great pride in.


Recently, what is your biggest challenge/success?
The biggest challenge we face, and have for several years, is staffing. The need for skilled labor continues to be a serious issue in our industry. We had to make that challenge a “success” by developing staff in-house. We have mentored several apprentices and they are now some of our best technicians. This is an investment and takes time to grow. We focus on industry training and best practice procedures in our shop culture. We are in our second term as an I-CAR Gold facility. For more information on this award see:

How long have you been a member and how did you hear about the NYFBC?
We have been members since 2012. I was introduced to the organization when I was a member of the SBA E200-Emerging Leaders program. The NYFBC was located in the Tech Garden, with the SBA program. 

What advice do you have for a business considering joining the NYFBC?

The way to benefit from a membership is to participate. The NYFBC offers a variety of ways to be an active member. The other members are gracious and very supportive. The partnership with Le Moyne College has enhanced our resources and raised our speaker programs to a new level. 

 What is your favorite program/opportunity for involvement?

I have to say the peer groups are the most rewarding. The comradery that develops from getting to know one another is invaluable. The open sharing of challenges and successes is a powerful relationship.  It is so interesting that we are in different industries, but have so much in common, including the dynamics of working with family members.

Thank you Diane and PJ for your support of the Family Business Center.

Murphy and Nolan

Meet John “Bucky” Murphy, husband, father, grandfather and owner of Murphy and Nolan.  Bucky is one of the founding members of the New York Family Business Center.

Murphy and Nolan is a metal service center specializing in bar and tubular products.  Since 1953 they have been proudly serving Upstate NY and Northern PA , with regular service to: Binghamton, Buffalo, Elmira, Erie, Geneva, Hornell, Ithaca, Jamestown, Utica, Sayre, Syracuse and many more cities.

Like many family business owners Bucky has worked hard to maintain the balance between work and family.  “I’ve been married to my very patient wife for 43 years and we are blessed with three wonderful children, three wonderful in-law spouses, and six grandchildren. Recently, my biggest challenge/success has been transitioning my own life!  I’ve always worked hard, played hard, and we’ve tried to prepare for a fun-filled and active later life.  Starting about five years ago, I started talking with my wife about career challenges and how we wanted to spend our next phase of life.  Shortly thereafter, I announced to my brother and our two sons that I was going to begin a gradual “step down” of my working career and “step up” of a new life of volunteerism, travel, sports, and who knows what. It has worked out pretty well for all involved, especially me.  My wife and I are spending more time together, travelling more, generally enjoying life together more and doing different things than our hectic life before allowed us to do.  I would definitely say that because my wife, my brother, and our children have been supportive of this transformation, I’ve been able to transition away from a full work-life to a more gradual work environment and more time to do other things.”

We asked Bucky to share his experience with the New York Family Business Center

If you were telling somebody about the NYFBC, how would you describe it?  The Family Business Center has been a wonderful experience for me.  It has allowed for a peer mentoring experience that is invaluable.  To be able to talk about and hear about other business people who are in various stages of doing what I am experiencing is fantastic.  The advice from our sponsors and the discussions amongst our fellow members about their work/life experiences has been extremely helpful to me in figuring out what I want to do and various suggestions about how to go at the task.

How long have you been a member and how did you hear about the NYFBC? 

It was in November of 2009 that Murphy and Nolan, Inc. became a member of the New York Family Business Center.   I first became aware of the newly formed group from our accountant, Bob Cherry, of Dermody, Burke, and Brown.  He and several other professionals were trying to put together a group of family-owned business to share experiences, mentor each other, learn from each other, and solve some of our common problems of succession, legal issues, family discussions about unique aspects of family business and the part that each family member played in the special dynamic.  All good areas that would offer to continue and expand everyone’s special family – owned enterprise.

What advice do you have for a business considering joining the NYFBC?

Go for it !!!  The experience of meeting family owned business owners with three to thousands of employees and being able to freely discuss with them is invaluable!!  Each owner brings valuable insights to the group and leaves with even more valuable insights.  This could never be received in such a short period of time for such little financial cost from such a wide range of peers as by joining and actively participating in the NYFBC. 

What is your favorite program/opportunity for involvement?

I personally think the monthly peer group sessions are the most valuable. They allow a group of owners with similar problems, issues, opportunities, to openly discuss with others in the group what is the best approach, hear what has/hasn’t worked in other business, and get some good basics to proceed down your own path to your solution.  My sons have also participated in various programs for their level as the next generation and the numerous issues, problems, opportunities that their level in the ever-evolving family business.  Overall, a great organization and I continue to get far more out of the opportunity than I contribute.

New Hope Mills

History of New Hope Mills

For those who aren't familiar with New Hope Mills, the company is well recognized for having one of the oldest flour mills in history. Not to mention how well known this company is for their high quality pancake flour, which is rated # 1 in Central New York.  Although their process for making the flour has changed, their all natural products have not. New Hope Mills Inc. has produced quality products for more than 190 years and have continuously earned more recognition as time has passed. They have transitioned the family business into its third generation and are working on building a stronger team.

Influence from the Center

Doug Weed's influence within the Center is demonstrated by his presence at Family Business programs, seminars, and roundtables. "My favorite events to attend are the roundtables. I also enjoy networking with other family business members because of their unique experiences and because I enjoy listening to their advice on how to improve their businesses and how they have been able to get through whatever was thrown at them." 

If you were telling somebody about the New York Family Business Center, how would you describe it?

"It is really a great place to increase your knowledge and best practices.  Filled with great people that are well grounded and that are doing business in the same community as you are."

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