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About Us

Clapping Audience

The New York Family Business Center helps owners, managers, shareholders, family members, and key employees ignite the passion that created their unique family businesses.  By partnering with local and nationally known community leaders, organizations, colleges and universities, we provide tools, access, research, and academic opportunities needed by family business owners to foster their success and further their prosperity. 


Our center can help you share and enhance your passion and priorities by providing expertise and insights into the key elements that create successful multi-generational family businesses.  We provide the opportunity for Upstate New York leaders to have forums to address their unique and critical issues of running a family business and help that business and family succeed in current and future generations. 

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Meet Us

We provide and help our members share insights and information on trends and

techniques that can be applied to your business, whether it be Transition Planning,

Leadership Preparation, Communication, Governance/Family or Philanthropy.

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