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Frequently Asked Questions

How would membership benefit me personally?

We believe you would benefit by joining the NYFBC if:

  • Maintaining family ownership/management of your business is a priority

  • You have attended outside activities related to family owned businesses

  • You have ever asked another family business owner who they use as advisors

  • You have ever discussed a family business matter with another family business owner

  • Your business has or needs a formal mission or value statement

  • You are the next successor of your family business

  • You are wondering what continuing education is needed for this role

  • You think it is time to start working “on” the business instead of just “in” the business

  • You have advice to offer others

What does the NYFBC consider a Family Business?

There are numerous definitions of a family business that consist of both privately and publicly held, family owned or family managed  businesses. To be a member of the NYFBC and to attend events, we ask that our members are businesses in which the family has meaningful ownership and has two or more family members working in the business. We also extend our membership to privately owned first generation family businesses who plan on or are considering bringing family members into the business.

Can non-members attend NYFBC events? How do non-members register for events?


Yes, we do have a guest policy.  Non- members that are a part of a family business are welcome at our events.  If, after attending one or two of our events, and finding that the organization would be valuable and a good fit, we ask that they become a member to attend further events.

To register for an event simply RSVP by email.  If you become a member within 30 days of attending an event, this payment will be credited to your membership.

Can advisers attend NYFBC events?

To keep with our mission and vision you must be an annual sponsor of the NYFBC to attend an event. We have limited sponsorships available for each field of professional advisors. To learn more about sponsorship email us.

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